Scott and Camila, owners of The Little Grille in Littleton, New Hampshire have recently done many amazing updates and renovations to their restaurants to enhance the dining atmosphere and make room for more customers as their business rapidly grows.  Included in those updates, Scott and Camila hired a well known local artist, Rick Hunt, to paint some amazing artwork on the interior walls The Little Grille in Littleton, NH.  Each painting tells a story while adding color and character to brighten up the atmosphere and create conversation.

Rick Hunt was born in Littleton, he went off to become an artist and eventually returned to come home. He now lives in Littleton with his wife and his artwork where he enjoys a view of the river from his home.  Rick's artwork is bright and colorful and always tells a story.  Below are some photos of the paintings that he created on the walls of The Little Grille in Littleton, New Hampshire.  Be sure to stop in and dine with us to view his incredible artwork.

To learn more about Rick Hunt visit his website or check out this article he was featured in in Nh Magazine